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Hello I am Scott L Jordan, I did the Disneyland Forever project with Disney and RedDotNet. I have decided that I will be selling my entire collection... . I have about 200 CDs ranging from pre-opening to July '99. I also have 2 original 13 track Haunted Mansion Cds with the sticker attached and a few Pirates original CDs and a few other cool things. I will only be selling commercially available items for obvious reasons. If anyone is interested please email me at

I will sell the CDs for $20... what they sold for in the park. I just want to get rid of them

NOTE: the Haunted Mansion 13 tracks and the Pirates will be a negotiated price
Hi Scott! Welcome to Magical Music of the Mouse!


Can you tell us anything about the Disney Forever project? Did it fail due to bad sales? Was it technical difficulties? Did the WDC support the project? Whose idea was it?

There has been talk about reviving the project. Do you know anything about that?

So many questions. So little time.
It was Tony Baxter's idea. Tony is always thinking of ways to make the Guests have a unique experience in the park.

I had pitched the idea for a theme park retro lounge thingy at Hollywood Records called Disneyland Forever (the name was a joke because I hated the title of Batman Forever so much... but it stuck dont ever call a project a name you hate) Tony wanted to do the project with deep film music. But the WDR folks would have none of that. WDI owned the park music so we did my Disneyland Forever thing instead.

I went to work for RedDotNet in Oct of 98. I came up with so many cool ideas like Mansion, Pirates, 1964 World's Fair (Bruce produced these beautifully of course) and so many more tracks that never made it on system. Anyway after RedDotNet fired me in 1999 not one additional track ever made it on the system. Bruces brilliant full CDs did of course. However WDR killed the world's fair CD, which is a shame. However the reason you got the original "it's a small world" music back on the attraction at Disneyland is because of that project.

Nobody was really a bad guy in this thing...After I was fired nobody cared about it so it just died The only reason it was ever done is because Tony is a genius and I was new and wanted to do a cool project. This thing should have never happened but I was too dumb to know that I couldnt do it, so I just did it... I am very proud of doing something so cool and my Disneyland Forever commemorative record is on my wall right now.

There are many more stories but I am not going to tell them...

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Hey Scott, would you be willing to put a few tracks on the projectdisney FTP? And I will admit, im pretty interested in your collection..... You might have an email from me soon....

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Anything that would help, or that you would be willing to share... I understand about the File Sharing destroying the Record Companies.... But for something that was discontinued like the Disneyland Forever tracks I have no problem sharing... I dont use P2P file sharing networks like Kazaa and Winmx, due to that fact I still buy and support music lables and artists... Im kinda double sided on the issue of using P2P's myself and they are full of bugs and spyware any how... But Its Disneyland Forever Tracks were talkin about, so Im all for Sharing them on a FTP.... But I understand if you dont want to, it is all good.... Either way... Im still gonna send you an email about your collection.... Im very interested
Scott! I can appreciate your hesitancy to talk too much about the inside stuff on the project. But, one other question, if I might. Was the program profitable for the company? What I'm really asking is: were park guests using the kiosks "enough" to make the program work?

Thanks for the earlier info!

Is there any update on the status of this. Are you planning on posting the individual CDs available on this forum? I am very interested.

Also, if any other members have any of these CDs available, I would be interested. I'm trying to collect the Disneyland Forever tracks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much!