Selling 6 CD W/ LTD Gold Lp #4121


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Hi Everyone....

If anybody is interested....I need to unload my 6 cd set.

The Gold Lp is sealed and the set is in mint condition.

If it should go to should be to someone on this board who wanted a limited edition with the gold LP.

It is item #4121

Go to Ebay.....item # 6549224466

Thank you


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Careful...he might hear you .

Though even if he does...heknows I want the set without the LP. We don't have a record player.

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...And if he waits, Sharon, he might just get it for $99 like rumors suggest.
I predict that by Christmas, Target will be giving them away with the purchase of any Disney video or DVD... or a pair of socks.



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they are certainly not as in demand as I thought they would be. I sold one of mine (gold lp version, unopened) on ebay, since I needed the money, and had to list it twice to sell it at cost!
I kept the other one for myself, but will probably sell the unopened gold lp, as I'm not a collector...
It's funny how you can tell the true Disneyland fan vs not. I have my 6cd LE set...wouldnt DREAM of parting with it. Course im also the collector that keeps things like the hot dog wrappers that date things going on in the park (ie America on Parade, Mickeys 50th) I buy PINS (trade??? are you kidding, thats why i bought them to keep!) I still have the pins they were GIVING away during the gift giver extraordinare in the mid 1980's. My best friend got me a pair of the gold ears they were giving away on the 50th July 17th. I couldnt part with ANY of those things. OH and yes...i was one of the many true fans that raided the disneyland (and Walt Disney World) kisks for all the tracks my Disney CC would get


Well, the gold records are drying up now as Disneyland didn't have any for me to buy. They are still selling the black vinyl version. It's the content on the CD's that I am enjoying anyway. The price will come down on the CD sets and will become available over the internet and that should generate a lot of sales worldwide.