Seeking song source...


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Hi folks; I'm trying to find a copy of an obscure Disney-related song. It's titled "Two Brothers" sung by Alicia Almo, and was an accompaniment in the film part of the presentation at the "Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln" attraction at Disneyland. I've found the lyrics, and identified the writer and the vocalist's name (above). I remember being very moved when I first heard it twenty years ago. Not many songs have that effect on me so I know it's one I need to have. I'd love to find a link to an MP3 file but would settle for a CD or vinyl source....Help, please! ???
:) Hi! I found it... When Disneyland Forever (Digital On-Demand) system came to Disneyland, there were some CD's made with pre-selected songs available for sale. One of the CD's is called "A Musical Tour of Disneyland." "Two Brothers" from the Great Moments withy Mr. Lincoln is actually the first treck on that CD. - Matt