Seeking help with Liberty Square music loops past and present


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Hello Everyone,

I am assembling information that would help in reconstructing various Liberty Square music loops. I am particularly interested in locating exactly where the loops play and when they were played.

Here is the information I have so far:

I have a set of three tracks labeled "Liberty Square Area Music." The playlist I have come up with is:

Set One:

01. Battle Cry of Freedom
02. Yankee Doodle
03. Unknown

Set Two:

04. Unknown
05. Dixieland
06. Unknown
07. Unknown
08. Battle Cry of Freedom
09. Bonnie Blue Flag
10. Unknown

Set Three:

11. Yankee Doodle
12. Sergeant O'Leary
13. The Belle of the Mohawk Vale

I know that the last three (based on samples from are from an LP (recently reissued on CD) called "The Spirit of '76 and Ruffles and Flourishes" from the Mercury Living Presence label.

All together, the three tracks do not run over twelve minutes, so I am not sure if this was actually a general area loop or perhaps played on the bridge from the Central Hub into Liberty Square. Anyone have any further information?

The second loop I have is a live recording from Digital Disney running roughly seventeen minutes long. The playlist I've come up with is:

01. Unknown
02. Unknown
03. Sons of Liberty / Liberty Tree
04. Unknown
05. The President's March (Hail Columbia)
06. Unknown
07. Yankee Doodle
08. Unknown - sounds like Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln music or HOP underscore?
09. Heart of Oak (?) - you know that song Black Beard sings with Dean Jones on the way to smash the gaming hall? I think this is the same song.
10. Unknown

I am thinking this is probably a WDI recorded loop and probably started playing after the 1993 HOP renovation. Because it is so short, I can't imagine it is a general area loop, but I could be wrong. I remember hearing it last time I was at MK, but I don't remember exactly where. Anyone know for sure?

Finally, does anyone have additional information concerning a loop on Kirsten's site called "Hall of Presidents Area and Queue" music? This loop would run about an hour and from what I can tell comes from five CDs, including:

Hail to the Chief
The Civil War: Its Music and Sounds
The Spirit of '76
Honor to Our Soldiers
Music of the Civil War

I am waiting for these CDs to arrive at my door. Does anyone have a live recording that would enable me to confirm which tracks go where? Can anyone confirm where this loop actually plays?

Are there other Liberty Square music loops I'm not thinking about? Sorry this post is so long, but any help would be greatly appreciated. I will report back when I do come up with more or better information.

(I don't know why I find this so interesting, but I do - Liberty Square was always one of my favorite places at the Magic Kingdom.)



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Just an update for those interested - I have an updated playlist for the three tracks I have labeled "Liberty Square Area Music," which together run about 12 minutes.

Track One:

01. Battle Cry of Freedom
02. Yankee Doodle
03. Unknown

Track Two:

04. Garry Owen
05. Dixie
06. Sentry Box
07. Battle Cry of Freedom
08. Bonnie Blue Flag
09. The White Cockade

Track Three:

10. Yankee Doodle
11. Sergeant O'Leary
12. The Belle of the Mohawk Vale

Numbers 04-12 come from "The Spirit of '76 and Ruffles and Flourishes" from the Mercury Living Presence label.

Once again, any additional information concerning this loop or the others I've mentioned would be greatly appreciated.