seek creative ideas for wdw comp


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we're going back to WDW next month, and we're taking a couple that has never gone before. i thought it would be fun to make a 2 cd set for them to familiarize them with what they will experience.
i have tons of disney cds (including a handful of wdw forever), and i'll probably start with last year's official cd... anyone want to help me create an "ultimate" tracklist?


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I think Bill has the right idea.

I would also suggest instrumental stuff from the parks, particularly things that would be familiar to your fellow travelers, like When You Wish Upon a Star (and the Pinocchio's Daring Journey version is great).

Here are some suggestions:

When You Wish Upon a Star
- from Pinocchio's Daring Journey - can be found on Official Album

Mary Poppins Overture
- from the soundtrack

Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow
- the Progress City Mirror Maze version is used in the One Man's Dream exhibit at Disney-MGM Studios, but there are many other wonderful versions (in fact, all three of the above songs were used in the exhibit - see my other post for more information)

Music from Cinderella's Golden Carousel - maybe Second Star to the Right, Heigh Ho, or Hi Diddle Dee Dee
- from WDW Forever

Any of the movie themes used on Hollywood Boulevard at the Disney-MGM Studios

Fantasmic Exit Music
- available on one of the Disney Music Compilation, can't remember which one right off the bat

And don't feel like you have to stick to WDW music - the Phantom Manor Medley on the Disneyland Paris OA is a great rendition of Grim Grinning Ghosts, and the Yo Ho from the Pirates Arcade in Disneyland is a fantastic instrumental version of the song.

There is some great stuff in the Tokyo Disneyland Imaigneering the Dream loop, which was available commerically, but may be downloadable.

And, like Bill suggested, I wouldn't get too obscure or use extinct attractions. Stick with current and major stuff if you take things directly from attractions.

I wouldn't necessarily go in any particular order. I would just work for a great listening experience. I am still trying to achieve this - but the fun comes in trying out different things.

Good luck!



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persfave said:
we're going back to WDW next month


Bill said:
Though it's my favorite category, I would stay away from the extinct stuff. It won't mean anything to your friends. Start with something to put them in the Disney mood. (When You Wish Upon a Star from Pinocchio's Daring Journey?)

The Problem:
Unfortunately, Pinocchio's Daring Journey is not at WDW! ;D

However, When You Wish Upon A Star has always been my own personal Disney Theme Song so it should definitely be included!

My suggestions:
When You Wish Upon A Star
Monorail Spiel
It's A Small World
Peter Pan's Journey
maybe a track from Cinderella's Golden Carousel
Yo-Ho Yo-Ho, A Pirate's Life For Me
Splash Mountain float-through
Legend Of Big Thunder Mountain
Grim Grinning Ghosts
Alien Encounter's XS theme
Buzz Lightyear
(wish there was some good audio from WDW's Space Mountain...)
Ellen's Energy Adventure
Test Track Theme
Listen To The Land (extinct, but the theme still plays in Living With The Land)
El Rio Del Tiempo
Off Kilter
Illuminations: Reflections Of Earth (a must!)
Tower Of Terror
Fantasmic Finale
(sadly, I would put a song from Hunchback on here in memory)
Festival Of The Lion King
Tree Of Life theme
song from Camp Minnie-Mickey

Taking people who have never been can be as much fun as going the first time for yourself! Have a ball!



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Thanks for all great ideas! I'm pretty sure I have most of the tracks mentioned (I'll have to hunt for a couple)...

I have a couple of questions regarding CaptNemo's suggestions about Tomorrowland:

>Alien Encounter's XS theme

Is this the "seize the future" from the official album or is there a better one floating around?

>Buzz Lightyear

I don't think I have this one. Is it worth looking for?

>(wish there was some good audio from WDW's Space Mountain...)

I could probably use some Esquivel... don't they still play that on the exit (or is that DL...?)

Thanks again for all your help. When I get back, I plan on doing some editing of some videos I shot back in early '97 of complete rides like Horizons... and shows like Hunchback (sigh).



I know that version of When You Wish Upon a Star used to be. Does anyone know when was the last time that this loop was changed?


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I relate to this.

I often take first timers when I go to Disneyland. I do the fab tour stuff for free, lol. On the way to Disneyland, I used to provide a commentary on how Disneyland came to be and then, finally, I made a CD with all the historical highlights instead.

Then, I made a second Cd for the travel music. I like to use attraction instrumentals here as well as music from various related movie soundtracks. For example, I use Pirates and Haunted Mansion Instrumentals from DL forever, never allowing vocals or narration to ever be used. I am setting up for the experience here. I use movie soundtracks based on some Disneyland attractions. I don't want to give the park experience away!

Then, I created a CD for park arrival. When the vehicle approached a certain location, I ran the CD which was carefully designed to "guide" us into the parking lot. I use "extinct" welcome tracks and things that will not be duplicated. Upon park sighting, without a doubt, the overture from Mary Poppins is playing! Also included is Walt reading the mission statement. Recently, other features point out Angel Stadium and the Pond with Goals scored sounds and now World Series highlights with the sounds of crowd going wild.

Yep, you guessed it. I have my "leaving the park" CD. The emphasis here is to keep the magic going. In general, anyone who goes with me is exhausted, spent, and overloaded with too much information, lol. So, I use easy listening - Mannheim Steamroller fits the bill here. I am careful not to play a track twice for a first timer.

In addition there is my gift package, a park CD, a park map, and small plush animal, usually the favorite of the first timer, and a large twirl lollipop. I will not suffer a first timer guest in my care to leave the park without em.'

Technology is great. The CD material is now stored in a Mp3 player, divided into playlists. No more disc changing.

Because I have no life, lol, I have installed a flip down television into my vehicle. I have some very cool video enthusiastic friends with computers set up for all the various conversions as well as access to a decent camera so, we created the history video from scratch for fun. It's funny actually. It resembles a Disney production, and it has taken on more and more life as time goes on. Recently we made two "trailers" that include interviews with previous visitors and resemble commercials. The "G" rating audience preview screens get a laugh out me everytime. Again, there is care about what is shown. I don't want to give the park away, unlike a disney trailer would do, lol. I guess that's why I like the pixar trailers. Only a clue as what to expect. Well done. To cap it off. We recorded the narrative at Mars music using high dollar equipment so it doesn't resemble something you yelled into a cheap microphone for your live365 station, lol.

Now, for the ultimate ride to the park suggestion, this is probably the next step and I doubt I will do it. Buy a Motorhome. Plaster "The Coolest Park Shuttle" on the side and charge limo prices (actually taxi's charge more per hour) for front door service to the guest's home. Include all of the media presentations for a visit to the park, and have the inside decked out and Disneylandified. Maps, quotes, Mickey Mouse bedding, disneyland plates and silverware, mickey heads in the carpets and a couple of bubbling water sticks for the exotic. The driver costume is a suit with subtle mickey patterns.

Or you could just get up and go to a Disney park.

Hope this helps with your trip preparation.