See the new HMH GOODIES on a.b.m.disney????


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10 "WEBScarol" Lyric scrolls in PDF format!!
and 9 new? Scarol tracks!!

1 ) 13 Days of Xmas
2 ) God rest yee merry grinning ghosts
3 ) Old Mansion Tree
4 ) He came upon a Midnight Drear
5 ) Over the graveyards
6 ) Scary Bells
7 ) We wish you a Scary Xmas
8 ) Up On the housetop
9 ) We 3 Dracs
10 ) WreckHalls

1 ) 13 Days of Xmas
2 ) God rest yee merry grinning ghosts
3 ) He came upon a Midnight Drear
4 ) Over the graveyards
5 ) Scary Bells
6 ) We wish you a Scary Xmas
7 ) Up On the housetop
8 ) We 3 Dracs
9 ) WreckHalls

*Looks like OLD MANSION TREE is missing....
These lyric sheets and MP3s are officially available on the site. Look under Disneyland and then Haunted Mansion... Enjoy, Louis :D


Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,

that is great news! Had to download all of them (note: on the main page of the Disneyland Park is a banner advertising the makeover of the HM click on that one to go directly to the HM page, the link to the scarols is in the main text).

The only thing I wonder: the scarols you can download seem to be short excerpts of longer recordings only. If they can release these tracks online for free for sure Disney should have the rights to publish the full recordings of the scarols on CD ... so if we don't get a HM-makeover soundtrack couldn't say at least release a CD with the full recordings of the scarols?? I'm sure it would sell really fast!

Hi all,

Does anyone know why there are only 6 tracks to listen to at (and of those, only 4 work!)?

Also, how are these scarols being used? Is it a show at which you sit around and sing? Or do they play while you wait in the queue?

Thanks to anyone with info!

matt d.

Hi plutogoodboy,

The Scarols are played in the queue with the lyrics for all the Scarols posted on lamp posts within the queue area.

Hope that helps.

matt d.
Thanks, Matt D -- That sounds like a cute idea by Disney, to give people some extra "show" why they wait. It's a good example of a simple way to put an extra-special touch on something, like the Disney of old!

Happy Halloween!