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This was mentioned in the Collector's Corner feature on the appropriate True-Life Adventures set, and is listed on but I don't see a listing for it on either or Does anyone know if this can still be purchased and for how much?


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All I can find is mentions of the Wonderland store and "Newly remastered and made by the CD on demand system at Disneyland."

Was there a general release of this one?
I'm guessing that they just burn the CD for you and provide you with the booklet etc.
I believe the iTunes version includes the paperwork so that may be the best that is available.
I don't think a "pressed" CD exists.

The actual release was on vinyl of course - plenty of those around for sale.

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Yeah, I think it was a Wonderland CD, burned on demand at the parks. When that ended, it made the transition to iTunes. If you want a physical copy, you'll have to find the LP.