searching for album name


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A friend of mine is looking for a vinyl album released in the 70s or so that included songs from various Disney movies, including a track she remembers as "Tiger Lily's March." Also had songs from "Alice in Wonderland" and others on it. That's about all she remembers.

Anybody have any leads for me? I'd appreciate it.
That's a toughy!

I'm not sure about where this song comes from, but I am pretty sure it is not from a Disney-produced album. However, it could be from a Disney-licensed album on a non-Disney label, like Peter Pan, Golden, or many others. It's also possible that it comes from an independent label that created an album so similar to the Disney version that it may have seemed that way. I'll keep looking around and let you know if I come across it. Sorry to not be of more help!


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Hey, you guys have already told me more than I could have known otherwise!

I haven't had a chance to talk to this person for a few days, as soon as I do, I'll ask her for more info.



The only march that I can think of in Peter Pan is "Following the Leader(Tee Dum, Tee Dee)", which seems to have a march tempo to it. Interestingly, Tiger Lilly's March seems very familiar to me. I might have to do some checking myself.