Sad News: Disney Music on Internet Radio Stations Will Be Gone This Sunday

For those of you had listened to Disney music on such internet radio stations, all of these internet radio stations that plays Disney music will be shutting down this Sunday. Here are the following:

1. Sorcerer Radio
2. D-Magic Radio
3. MouseWorld Radio
4. Mouse Radio
5. Disney Magic
6. DIS Radio
8. Radio Buena Vista
9. E Ticket Radio
10. Park Hopper Radio

Plus a few more Disney stations, they're all going to be off the air because of higher cost and royalty rates according to the RIAA.

I was very upset to see all of the internet stations go. I have all the entire Disney music in my collection. is the place that you can find some Disney park audio and some rare stuff.


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??? Yeah, I'd like to know the source of this info myself.

Especially since I hadn't made up my mind yet.

MouseWorld Radio


Well sorry to tell you Mike, but you are shutting down this sunday. HA HA HA

But what is going on with all of that Mike?


I'm glad to see your amused by all of this.

I was amused at someone saying you are shutting down when you yourself had said you were not sure. I am not amused by everything that is going on with it all. That is why I asked what is going on with it. I enjoy listening to your station every chance I get and will be very sad to see your go, just as I have with the ones that have already shut down.

As much as I tend to agree with Bill - and I do agree with him on this - it is interesting to see how the new, proposed terms agreed to by SoundExchange will affect our Disney internet radio friends. It is my understanding the new proposed scheme would result in many small operations having their annual fees capped but would be called upon to pay the more expensive royalties that came into place this week if this new deal falls through.

For those of us on this board who are operating these stations what do you plan to do? While I am a huge Pandora patron I tend not to listen to the Disney stations (I'd prefer to listen to my own library) but am interested in your continued existence.


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I used to broadcast on Live 365 while it was free. Didn't they tell us they had to pay royalties so they started charging the broadcasters? I dropped off when the royalty charges took effect. Are they saying that they were not paying royalties after all this time? Or are they saying the cost of royalties is going up even higher? Whatever the case, I wish all the broadcasters the best and hope this doesn't happen.



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You like really like me.

( might be alone in that)

No, he's not. You might be the resident grump, and I might not agree with all your POV's, but I still like you too.


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Oh, and to the topic, is it accross the board, or just Disney? I have not noticed if other, "normal" radio stations are also feeling the crunch because of increased royalty fees and such.
As far as I know it's across the board. That said, I believe the proposed SoundExchange deal clearly makes a difference in fees between stations that allow listeners to customize their stations (e.g., Pandora) and those who just provide a non customized fee.


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Wasn't commercial radio essentially a way to sell records? In the move to internet radio, I'm assuming the shift has moved away from advertising. Is the royalty hike simply a way to recoup some lost revenue for an industry that has been hurt by the internet?

That's a good point. Also, I wonder if it's because of the dismal CD sales and other issues with file sharing and music download services? That's the one thing I really liked about internet radio, was the lack of advertising, but if it's going to be turned into what current FM/AM radio thanks! I guess I really should invest in a satellite radio service...


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Hi. One of you said that Rodentsections has some park audio and rare stuff. Well, when I went on the site, I couldn't find anything. Where can I find it?