Sad News about the man we knew as HITCHHIKING GHOST

I don't know if anyone here announced this, but since I never saw any mention I thought I'd pass on the news. The man known in the Disney online and newsgroup community as HITCHHIKING GHOST passed away in late November. He was responsible for a thirteen disc tribute to Disneyland as well as a rare 9 disc compilation of unreleased loops from the parks. He maintained a few popular websites and a terrific radio station with Disney tunes as well as a classic rock station. I found him to be a facinating and passionate disney fan and a good online friend. Saying he will be missed is an understatement. His work has been said to have inspired Randy Thornton, or at least helped him get that terrific 6 disc Disneyland retrospective produced. True or not, HHG's sets definitely were a thing of beauty. Rest in peace my friend.


Dr. G

New Member

Thanks for posting this information. I wondered what had happened with the website, etc. I contributed $ a few times there but it seems G. never got enough others to do the same to fund the bandwidth.

He certainly had a passion for Disney music, and I'm very grateful. I don't doubt that his work at least contributed to the release of so much music now by Disney Corporate. I hope he has found peace.