Rushin' River Outfitters

Hey Everyone,

I've been working for a while now to compile the BGM loop used in Rushin' River Outfitters at DCA. I've been working from the following list that I found on "" Can anyone confirm if the info listed for this loop on that site is correct? Also, does anyone have or know of a reference recording?


1 Big Bug Shuffle
2 Something that We Do
3 Opportunity
4 Open Arms
5 Battle in the Land of Elah
6 Our Time
7 Claw
8 Jazz in the Box
9 Year Down in New Orleans
10 This Land is Your Land
11 Over the Pass
12 "Bubba" Gad
13 Through the Gates
14 Taylor Willobee
15 Caleb's Report
16 Here on Earth
17 Rusticity
18 Big Sciota
19 Doerita Forever
20 The First Ride
21 Celtic Cowboy