RUMOR: Intrada and Disney Collaboration


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Intrada Records' Roger Feigelson and Douglass Fake have dropped a few nuggets which appear (I repeat, appear) to indicate that they and Disney will be co-producing/co-branding on a series of CD releases, the first of which hits the streets on June 28:

Roger Feigelson said:
And, just a tip of our hat for one of our 6/28 releases. We're very excited about this so it's difficult to keep it under wraps for so long, but I will mention that we're launching a new series of albums that day. These are a co-production (and therefore co-branded) with the studio bringing some stuff to light we frankly never thought we'd see happen.


Douglass Fake said:
Roger tossed out a tidbit recently to let you guys know we've made a cool breakthrough. It's true. I think we've hit a number of milestones over the last 25 years but I can honestly say this one's a new marker.

Sure, it's easy to overhype something and watch the disappointment follow. And if you pump up your audience... you'd better deliver. I can't say we've learned how to spin gold out of straw. But it's fair to say we've certainly cooked up something and you'll probably like the results.

Look forward to a new series of projects from a famous studio that has licensed goodies to us over the years but has always kept their "signature" stuff off the table... until now.

They're big. We're not. Think the elephant and the flea or whatever. Yes, they could do these albums themselves and they have unlimited venues to sell them. They certainly don't need us. But miracles can happen. These guys actually wanted to co-brand the albums with us. Our logos side by side. Even my deceased parents are stunned!

I know people will sort out what's going on here. Roger's two wonderful little girls could probably figure it out. Curious folks might even have fun speculating on possible titles. Whatever. To that end, I'll just add a couple of final tidbits: 1) the first release indicates that nothing's beyond imagination right now and 2) it'll be available on June 28.


Doug's thread is titled "Something's Coming On June 28...", which some (if they are so inclined) may take as a hint that the 6/28 release will be George Deleurue's rejected score from Something Wicked This Way Comes. Intrada previously released James Horner's replacement score for the film.

Stay tuned... (I definitely will be.)

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Been sometime since I've last posted but with Intrada starting a new year, I just have to say I'm really excited about the possibilities this year with releases. What are you thoughts to this release season?