Roy and Stanley's remarks at Annual Meeting

Jessica L

I was listening to the meeting most of yesterday (I even taped all of it onto my computer, if anyone wants a copy).

For the entire 5 hours and 30 minutes of it - I think Roy and Stanley's speeches were the best part (second maybe only to the final vote tally). They received an enourmous ovation - complete with whistling and shouting - it made me want to cry! :) They were given 15 minutes, but when over that by a bit. Roy even commented that they were going to go over, but the board "wouldn't mind." ;)



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Actually, they received standing ovations. Twice. Once when they came up and once when they left the podium.

And you shoulda just SEEN Eisner's face when Roy half-challenged him that they would not turn off the microphones if they went a little bit over. He tried to hold it together but if looks could kill...