Ron Schneider at NFFC


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Hi everyone,

This weekend, the Central Florida chapter of the NFFC held a meeting with Ron Schneider as guest speaker. In case that name doesn't ring a bell, he originated the role of Dreamfinder (who you'd meet outside the pavilion). He also starred in Disneyland's Diamond Horseshoe Revue (around 1980 when Wally Boag retired), and provided the narration of the WDW railroad until 2 years ago.

He spoke about how he got the role of Dreamfinder, and told many many stories about meeting kids during his 5 years as Dreamfinder. He said that he'd be outside Imagination just after the park opened and people on the Monorail would be staring out the windows to see him. He would have Figment see the Monorail first, then he'd notice after.

Perhaps the highlight of the presentation was when he did some of Dreamfinder's dialogue in his voice: "Skyrockets soar through outer space. Imagine yourself in that infinite place."

I took a picture of him holding Figment, so I'll post it when I can.

He also mentioned a website, which is under construction now, but should be ready by late November. It has an archive of Journey Into Imagination information to which he contributed.



I remember the IMDB used to show ROB Schneider as Dreamfinder, and I knew that had to be wrong :p. I'll keep a eye out on the new version of the website.