Rogue River Keelboats


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When they get around to running, the Rogue River Keelboats (Mike Fink Keelboats in the US) - (between some irritating French babble by the guide - even though they are hidden away and not on the park map) have their own loop which runs around 11 minutes (just long enough for the trip) - I haven't timed it fully (nor the individual track lengths) even with full live audio recordings plus ride-through videos as the CM tends to interrupt rather frequently and sometimes stops the play altogether (and then resumes from that point) or just turns the sound down while he talks (so you miss some).
I have been able to confirm that these are the only tunes that play before repeat, however.
Recordings taken over several years since 1992 only show these tunes being played.

The loop consists of 6 tracks.

1 Froggy went a-courting. WDWF

2 Oh Susannah WDWF

3 Polly Wolly Doodle WDWF

4 Goober Peas WDWF

5 Billy Boy

6 She'll be coming 'Round the Mountain. WDWF

All Bluegrass with harmonica and banjo and, as far as I can see, not available commercially.
Five of the six tracks are from Walt Disney World Forever (Splash Mountain).
The remaining track - Billy Boy - I am unable to find a source for but that title is the one I know the tune by. It may have a different title as many tunes can be used for more than one song (I had the first listed a Mamma don't allow which is the same tune as Froggy went a-courting).
Our thanks to @DavidG and @edouard for the info.