ROCKIN space AND screamin

Finally got a chance to ride both with new tracks. Space is at best very interesting as it totally changes the feel of the ride ( seems to have slowed ride down.) The flashing lights and all are cool...but u really do see too much of the inside of mountain. I like The song...just not sure what it brings to ride. Effects are ok. I prefer SPACE version of ride. Screamins music change.... it seemed pointless.... honesly i couldnt telll the difference as i was having too much fun on he ride.....and since the sights don't change...again... it was different... i prefer original.


Agreed on Space. It did seem slower and I suspect it was because you could see the track. Screamin was a pointless waste. A CM at the beer truck in Pacific Wharf commented that Disney was testing the reaction for "Rockin" coasters in the hope that Rock N' Roller Coaster could come to DCA. It seems to me that would make sense with Space, but Screamin', less so. Has anybody else heard this rumor? I haven't heard anything about Rock N' Roller Coaster in California for years, and it hasn't shown up in anything I've seen about the Placemaking project.