Rocket Rods Que and Sound effects


Of all my favorite attraction music in recent memory, none has caught my attention as much as the music from the atmosphere in Rocket Rods. Although the line was always over an hour in length, I never seemed to mind it since I enjoyed the music in all of the sections. My highlights included the videos showing older disney animations of futuristic forms of transportation in the blueprint sketch room (are these videos commercially available?), the music in the circlevision room which had a version of "Born to be Wild", the music in the stairwell (I don't know what it's called but it's lyrics include "Magic Highways of Tomorrow") and finally the sounds of the Rocket Rods themselves. I really wish Disney would make a cd compilation to relive the experience of this now lost attraction.

Your thoughts?


I've never been on the ride or even Disneyland, but I like the queue audio & exit music. A internet radio station (utilidors) has the queue audio, and thats the only place I've seen it. There is a bootleg mp3 out there of the exit music that is in stereo quality, and also a mp3s of the sounds the ride made.

I'd love to hear the queue audio in high quality rather listening to it on a internet radio station, and I doubt Disney will put it out officially.

I actually kinda like the idea of the Rocket Rods and the queue video helped to theme the ride into Tomorrowland, but they should have changed it back to the People Mover after the idea failed.
picked up the songs, but the one thing I cannot find is the cars talking to each other in the station. They sound like sleepy parakeets.