Rock Candy Mountain Question



Rock Candy Mountain

Has this song ever had lyrics? Or is there a song out there that sounds eerily similar to this song?

I can't quite place it, but this song sounds very familiar to one I have heard recently that had a male singer.

Help anyone?

thanks in advance.

Tim C


Yes, there are lyrics to Rock Candy Mountain. From a quick search, this site was the first one to come up with lyrics to the song.

Among other things, it was on the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack, so maybe that is where you heard it.


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Actually, if you think you heard it recently, it's probably because Burger King is now using it in one of their commercials for some BBQ chicken sandwich. The lyrics are very different, and somwhat sexual (although the original was singing about drunkeness, one thing for another, I guess).

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Ha! Thanks Ben, I knew I just heard this song somewhere recently but I just couldn't remember where. When this post first came up I thought that that was an extremely eerie coincidence but that commercial explains it all. I had totally forgotten.


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I think Big Rock Candy Mountain is a hobo song. If you listen to the lyrics, it lists many of the obstacles a hobo would have encountered during the depression...alcohol being one of them.


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I think you're right. It was singing about what a paradise would be just happened to include a lot of alcohol!

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Yeah I always wondered about this too. Alcohol, Boxcars, Hardboiled eggs. Sounds like a hobo's life for me. Or possibly some sort of Tramp.
I think that song goes back farther then the appears on a album that was sold at the California State RR Museum in the mid 80's called
"Rail Songs" ........and it is featured in the Era 1 section 1830's-1870's. It also plays in the hotel lobby by a small and efficent orchestra in "The Apple Duppling Gang"
..........and ofcouse The Big Thunder Saloon" and the "Big thunder Dance Hall"

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