Robert Sherman info please



A friend of mine insists that he attended Robert Sherman's estate sale. He mentioned that he saw "the one that isn't dead" last week at the Frank and Ollie Academy tribute. When I told him that they're both alive, he said that no, one was dead and that he'd attended his estate sale. (After a lot of back and forth, we determined that it wasn't "the one with the dyed black combover) Can anyone shed some light on this?

Some details:

There was a lot of music/Disney memorabilia, some Gilbert and Sullivan portraits, an "awesome" jukebox, tons of "tacky oriental decor", sheet music, albums, original compositions, etc.

Apparently you could pose with his Oscar if you purchased something.

Any info would be appreciated.

Bob's wife passed away not too long ago (2001) and after visiting London for the Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang premier (and already having friends in the area), Bob decided to move there. The estate sale was a result of that.

It was Richard who attended the Frank and Ollie tribute for I was there too.

Hope that puts you at ease about Bob.
My family and I had the pleasure of meeting Robert Sherman and his son during the end of August last summer when the Disneyana convention at WDW was opened to the public. I didn't know he would be there, selling some of his artwork(he apparently performed some songs for the people attending the convention as well), and I had a mini-breakdown when I happened to see him seated amongst all the other artist's booths! Once I calmed down, I bought a piece of his artwork which he signed for us, and my wife, son, and I chatted with Robert and his son for what seemed like quite a while(of course I have the picture to prove it all!). He spoke quite softly, and was seated most of the time; from his appearance and gait, he seemed somewhat frail, and it appeared as though he might have suffered a stroke in the recent past. He did, thinking back, mention that either later that day or the next, he was leaving for London.

His artwork is finally framed and on the wall, a treasured piece. I'm glad to know that he is still with us--he and his brother are one of the main reasons this site exists--thank you again, Robert, for both the painting and the music! Mike.


Robert B.'s son Robert J. has a web site for his company, Redstring Productions, at