Rising Star "A Future Disney Composer"

I just wanted to bring to your attention the great work that is being done by one of our very own here on the board. I have only been here a short while compared to most but I feel the need to describe my name I am Menken (Alan Menken) McKee (Rick McKee aka Wishesfan) Fan. And yes I am a BIG fan of both of them. My good friend Rick is an aspiring Disney composer and is already making his mark. If you go to www.visionsfantastic.com you can listen to the NEW Christmas theme song that he wrote for them. Very Disney Indeed!! You can also listen to the original theme song and the Disneyland's 50th theme song that he wrote on the site.

I highly recommend you guys and gals go and listen to these songs and hear what talent we have to brag about hear on the DMDF. I am proud to be one of his best friends. I just felt you all should know of his accomplishments so far. Watch out for his name. You might just hear some of his music one day while you're in the Parks.


Hey there,

I completely agree with you, Rick is a truly talented musical artist and he will definitely make his mark on Disney history, no doubt about it.

I have also been given the opportunity to become good online buddies with Rick, and he is truly one of the nicest and most giving guys out there.

hey, rick and I are going to work together someday- I will be a creative director for disney entertainment, and I am going to hire Rick to write all the music for my productions!
no, really. =)

ps. go check out his stuff on visionsfantastic.com