RIP Basil Poledouris


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It might be old news to those of us who are film music fans, but composer Basil Poledouris passed away on Wednesday, November 8th.

In addition to composing the scores for the CONAN films, ROBOCOP, LONESOME DOVE, STARSHIP TROOPERS, THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, IT'S MY PARTY, etc., he scored the CircleVision film American Journeys. Hence, the mention here.

Here's his obituary from The Film Music Society.

Dr. Know

The untimely death of Poledouris is a terrible blow to film music fans like myself.

Its too bad "American Journeys" was left off the Disneyland 50th anniversary set. It is a beautiful orchestral score, and I was very disappointed that it wasn't included.

Truly sad news.


That is such a shame. :( His "Free Willy" score has always been one of my favorites - when I was young I used to put that CD in, put my headphones on and just listen to it for hours. It inspired my imagination so much...