Rights to Use Disney Music


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I was wondering if someone could point me the right direction. I am starting a tech podcast and would like to use a 30 second clip of the 1982 Epcot Center Entrance Medley. I think Epcot's futuristic theme would be a great fit for a podcast intro. Does anyone know who I should contact to discuss this? Thanks!


Here's a place to start:

Wendy Leitman, VP Counsel
Walt Disney Music Legal
818-560-2225 PHONE
818-563-2538 FAX

What you want to do is license the material for a podcast. I'm not certain Disney will cooperate with third party podcast productions, but this is probably the best place to start with your inquiry.


Kb9okb, you're SOOO smart to ask for the rights before creating your podcast. Fair warning, it can be extremely difficult to obtain music rights from Disney, but not impossible. I tried a few times myself to get the rights for some Disney tunes to use for public performance in some of my own arrangements (before I worked for Disney) and it was quite a pain. However, I was contacting the wrong person/dept ? Jestyr has the right idea, Wendy is one to contact. I REALLY hope it works out and I look forward to hearing your podcast!! :)

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Wasn't there a short clip of that Epcot Medley on the last Official Album? Maybe mention that you'll give full credit info and where listeners can obtain the Album. As you're only using a short clip you might be covered by Fair Use laws, but even if you're not Disney may ok it if they think it will sell even a handful of CDs. Or I just could be a naive optimist ;)


Even if it's a short clip if you're using it as your intro music or as some sort of segue then it's not covered by fair use, that would only be if you're playing a short clip to review the music or show an example of something real quick one time.