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does anyone have a cd that was released jan 2004 called banned barbershop ballads.It has songs written by richard sherman and milt larsen.Is it worth buying being a big sherman fan that i am?


Wow! On CD! I'm ordering one RIGHT NOW! Thanks for the tip!

Those are from a series of LPs done in the early 60's and released on Pip Records. Some of the material was also rereleased (and/or rewritten and rerecorded) in the 70s, for the Bicentennial, on the Electric Banana label.

I've managed to get my mitts on a few of those albums, and they're pretty good. It's sort of Tom Lehrer-type satirical humor. The only grouse I have about them (mostly on the first album, "Smash Flops") is that they're too repetitive. Had Milt Larsen written another verse or two, they would've been better.

The second album, "Sing a Song of Sickness," is wonderful, and it looks like the CD is mostly culled from it--I thnk it may contain the entire album. There may have been a third Pip album, but I've never seen it.

Assuming these are the original recordings, expect the sound quality to be not-so-hot. They were definitely low-budget sessions, recorded in mono.

Sorry to see that my favorite track from "Smash Flops," "When the Hindenburg Lands Today," isn't there.

And try singing "It's a Small World" while "It's Fun To Be Hazed" is playing--a very illuminating exercise.


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