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Hi all,

I was wondering if there had even been any more discovery on the track listing for the International Gateway loop. After searching the forums I find it's been discussed a lot but it seems like a complete listing is still missing.

I was also going to ask about the origin of these pieces, whether they were needle drops or original recordings, but it seems that they were recorded by WDI in their countries of origin. Does anyone have more information about this?

Just trying to fill in some gaps - this loop is near and dear to me...

I don't have a playlist, but the tracks are not needle-drop.

Thanks for the clarification - it definitely seemed not, as they were pieced from the pavillion loops - but you can never be sure.


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This probably won't provide much help, but I do have a list with the countries from which each track derives and a few track names:

01. Mexico
02. China
03. Germany
04. Italy
05. American Adventure
06. Japan
07. France - La Vie en Rose
08. United Kingdom
09. Canada - Marie Claire
10. Mexico
11. China
12. Germany
13. Italy - I Tuoi Capelli
14. American Adventure - Molly Malone
15. Japan
16. France
17. United Kingdom
18. Canada - Un Canadian Errant
19. Mexico
20. China
21. Germany
22. Italy - Marinariello

As you can see, the play order goes from Mexico to Canada, including only the countries represented since 1982.

Probably doesn't add to much to what you already know but hope it helps.



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Talk about grails. . .

The International Gateway BGM? There is a really good recording out there. Source would be nice, but I won't complain with what I have.

The UK and German BGMs, that's a different story.
Horizons is right; all of these tracks sound like induction recordings of average quality. It's also been speculated the area loop, which clocks in at 59'43", is the source for all of the individual tracks. I'll check to see if it's on Rodentsections.