Rescuers Soundtrack

Hello Bill,
Yes, wouldn't it be nice if this could be released? Unfortunately, it is impossible for that to happen. If you've heard the old soundtrack (with narration), it only included the songs from the film but not any of the original score. Why is that? Because at the time of the release, only the songs were legaly licenced for commercial release. In other words, the legal contracts signed by the performers, etc during the recording of the score only allowed for the use of the score in the film itself but not for commercial release. That is why when Randy Thornton recently re-issued the Down Under soundtrack, he added the Rescuers songs as a bonus (because only the songs were cleared). Have you heard the quality of those songs? Very nice indeed. So... we will have to settle for the songs only. BTW, the Rescue Aid Society wasn't included's a horrible song that would have sounded out of place next to those beautiful 70's songs. Plus, the song goes in and out to various singers making it an odd listen at home without the visual reference. Hope this helps...

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matt d.

Re:Robin Hood Soundtrack

Hi Everyone,

Wasn't there talk earlier about a restoration of the soundtrack to Robin Hood that didn't finally get a release date? Maybe that will show up on the new Disneyland system. :)

And let me add my thanks to everyone else's...

Randy, you're the man!! :D

matt d. (oh, my aching bank account! ;) )