Rescuers D. U. & Pete's reissues

I went looking for the release dates on the reissues of The Rescuers Down Under and Pete's Dragon - they should be coming right up - and was unable to find them. I know I saw the dates at CDNOW and Amazon at one point. Does anyone know if there was some delay / cancellation of the releases? Or what the dates are? Looking forward to getting these into my collection!
Well, if nothing happens to change anything, "Pete's Dragon" and "The Rescuers Down Under" (TRDU will include 3 Bonus tracks from "The Rescuers") should be in the stores April 16th.

Jessica L

Yippee! I can't wait to add this two to my collection!! :D

Thank you Randy for the update and for all the work you do! ;D

David S.

Thanks for reposting the release date, Randy! I will be in the stores bright and early on the 16th to buy both! Is the Roger Rabbit reissue still scheduled for the same date?

Trent - Thanks for finding a way to get the forum running again. Not that I took it for granted, but as others have said, you really realize how much you miss something when it is gone. Good luck in recovering the Archive and the Album Index. As a Disney Music fan, I consider both an invaluable resource and still use both frequently. I most recently used the Album Index to find information on some used out of print CDs that I was able to track down. And there always seems to be something of interest in the Archive. For instance, I was about to look up the release date for the soundtracks discussed in this thread (I couldn't remember the exact date), but then the board went down! Thank goodness the board is back and Randy reposted the release date. I've waited so long for some new soundtracks and I would hate to miss out on even one day of listening to them! :)



Great - now if only the Disney Records subsidies outside the US could be convinced to release the CDs too... I guess I will have to import it again



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My Pete's Dragon CD has recently started having a problem, I have never had this happen before BTW. On the track of "I saw a Dragon" near the end the track breaks up as if it were a corrupted wave file. I know Disney backs their DVDs for life, how about their CDs? won't replace it, and I don't really want to buy another unless I really have to. I just wondered if this was a common problem or not.

- Ed