Replacement cast recoridngs

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Just goes to show you that if you talk nonsense for long enough, you can actually have it make sense.

Our friend Bill has gone one step further and managed to make it an artform.


Courtney Thorne Smith is the rew replacement for
Dallas Mckenon......didn't you know??

.......still proclaiming the joys of Disney's "Tainted
Bear Meat on a Stick"........

:D What I was trying to say in my first post was some interesting topics about this topic over the last several years...

'Way back when I was a kid listneting to the Disneyland Records I'd always assume that the Pooh Cast for films included Robie Lester as Piglet and Sam Edwards as Tigger,for instance

Of course I later realized that there was a differeence in most of the casting. JUNGLE BOOK in 1967 was a major exception with Phil Harris and the several others from the film.

(And mo, I do not think that COurtney Thorne Smith should be a replacement for Dal McKennon..though hearing two teamed up would be surreal!:D)

Seriously, any other (SERIOUS,not FACETIOUS :)) comments (From Tim or someone else or his ilk) on these?

Seems like even Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke (MARY POPPINS) were replaced (by Marni Nixon & Dallas McKennon repsectively) when the record was issued.

It IS a topic to continue discussing..:)(I'd meant to post this earlier but my picture attachments are hard to upload, a small victory for some of you!)
I would throw in some comments here, but Greg Ehrbar and I are completely snowed under with trying to get the book manuscript finished on time. We did get the first four chapters turned in to the publisher last week so they can begin the production process, but we have eight or ten more chapters to go! At the rate we're going, we hope to have it all turned in by New Year's Day. The book may still make its original October 2005 publication date, or it may range anywhere from November to January. We're working as hard as we can!