Remembering Light Magic

Disneyland Music Fans, i just wanted to let you know that i have a "something special " for those of you who loved Disneyland's short-lived streetacular Light Magic! Please e-mail me for full details@
that is correct Disneyland's Light Magic was released on the 1997 Official Album of Disneyland/WDW & the Music Vacation import from japan, however it was never fully released as it was heard at Disneyland park. It was cut and edited 2 things were left out!, "Tink to the Rescue" after Pixie Playtime Part II where the screens came down and film was projected onto the floats and the "Dream Our Dreams" Exit Music. I believe the Official Albums time was about 16:00 when the full length version is about 22:00.


I've got one that sounds like it was ripped from a internet radio that is 23:28, I know there is a recording out there from a cassette tape but it probably doesn't sound a whole lot better. Is there a better source?