"Remember the Magic" ... will they ever...

"Remember the Magic"

Will they create another piece like this?

IMOHI, this song is everything Disney to me.... Brian McNight is wonderful,the music is spellbounding, the lyrics make me well up everytime I hear them and you could market the jingle for 100 years... and I could and do listen to this song every day.

My question is ... will they ever top this beautiful song? ... or even dublicate it?



Hey Chuck!

Oh my gosh... I COULDN?T AGREE MORE! I listen to it everyday, several times! I can?t explain it, but to me that song has something that many songs don?t have. The harmonies are beautiful, the music and chord progressions are amazing and I get a tear up just about every time! It?s SOOOOOO great to know that other people feel this way about this song! I sincerely hope they reuse it sometime. I hope DL?s 50th Anniversary is just as good. I think Remember the Magic would be perfect for their theme song.


Have a wonderful day-
It?s Time to Remember the Magic!

Walt Disney-
I only hope we never loose sight of one thing- it was all started by a mouse.

Remember the heroes of the day
Winnie the Pooh!
And Tigger, too!
They?re all coming your way.
Remember and live it all again.
Come back to way back when.
It?s Time to Remember the Magic.
It?s Time to Remember the Magic.

Peter Pan-
Come on everybody!
Off to Neverland!
Here we go!

Remember when your heart would just take wing
You could live out all your dreams
No matter how, no matter when
You could reach that world again
It?s like a dream come true
That?s still inside of you
It?s Time to Remember the Magic.
It?s Time to Remember the Magic.
It?s Time to Remember the Magic!

X-S Tech

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Wasn't this a redo of an older WDW Tune? Seems like the line "Remember when your heart could just take wing, you could live out all your dreams...", that musical portion was from another parade song.

I called Deliv-ears, and they had, what sounded to me, like a new recording of "Remember the Magic" play while I was on hold. I took it to mean you're gonna hear that ditty during the 50th. I hope it's not, because this anniversary deserves a good theme song. It's own.

It's probably too late to start wishing for certain aspects of the celebration. In fact, I'm sure most of it is at the "point of no return" stage. But the song is important, and I hope it's memorable. A good song here could very well become a trademark. This could be the 21st Century's "When You Wish Upon a Star." It just has to be great. Walt will be watching this one for sure.

And if it's a bad song, then gee, "Remember the Magic" might not be so bad.