Remember the Magic questions (PLEASE HELP!)


Hey guys! Does anyone know who arranged/ orchestrated the "Remember the Magic Finale" from Fantasy in the Sky during the WDW 25 Anniversary? My guess would be Gregory Smith just because he did Illuminations 25.

How about the arranger/ orchestrator for the "Remember the Magic Parade"? I was never able to get the "Music Vacation" CD that it is on.

Thanks so much for your help.



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Here is what I found in the Music Vacation CD Booklet:

Remember the Magic Parade
Music produced by Dan Stamper
All songs except "Join In" arranged by Gordon Goodwin
"Join In" arranged by Dan Stamper and Gordon Goodwin
Instrumentals performed by The London Studio Orchestra recorded by Chris Dibble at CTS LANSDOWNE STUDIOS, London, England
Conducted by Gordon Goodwin

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