Remember Dreams Come True...a Disney fans dream come true!!!!


So if no one has heard anything about the new fireworks at DL for the 50th.....THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER!!!!!!! As most of you have heard it will be e-tickets in the sky, not even close!!! This will be the most amazing display EVER. From start to end just the fireworks will be great but wait till you hear the soundtrack, all 17 minutes of it!

The best part about it, has to be the fact that it is not just current DL attractions. Some have gone on to Yesterdayland while some have moved maybe across to another park. I know I am being vauge but I am sure someone else will expand on this really soon. Also we get to hear a voice that I am sure most of us will get very excited about...not just Pauls'. And Tinkerbell is going to do amazing things.

I know where you got this info!
This info came from "Cast Blast" on March 1st!,(Cast Blast) is a appreciation expo where cast members working at the disneyland resort can find out more info about new and exciting stuff from the company. Steven Davidson (show& parade ) producer did talk about the new fireworks show "remember" ,"Parade of Dreams", and Block party. We even got to hear snippets of the music!. As for remember it is going to be an awesome show! Tinkerbell is just going to amaze evreyone!. As for the music well i was upset that it starts out with the "WISHES" fanfare that opens the show but, then it changes into a new narration with julie andrews.The music is very upbeat and the fireworks will do some things that you have never seen before! Some of the music included is" Main Street Electrical Parade, Tiki Room, Indiana Jones, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean & Roger Rabbits Cartoon Spin, Star Tours and of Course When You Wish Upon A Star. This show is going to be just spectacular i promise that it will make you laugh, scream, and make you cry. As for Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams some of the music that will be used is "You Can Fly",Be Our Guest, Under the Sea, Ive Got No Strings, Circle of Life, and A Very merry Unbirthday as the show stop will be "Welcome" by Phil Collins. The music is very slow kinda classical and will feature some surprises in the units itself. "Block Party" at DCA will be a kids Dream Come True!. It features all the Pixar Characters has a 10 min show stop (it will kinda be like Light Magic w/ 3 show zones) but you can still see the parade!. The music is fantastic! songs include "Celebration",Shake Your Groove Thing, Macarena, Evreyboday Dance Now, Dance To the Music, And Two new songs called "ROCK DCA! and You Know You wanna Make me SCREAM!. This show/parade will be zany, the floats are fantastic, kids will be in the parade its so interactive its something DCA really needed. We also got to hear "Remember When" The 50th Anthem by Leann Rimes and omg all i have to say is that this song will make you cry!. Its such a touching song that makes you remember your past memories of disneyland. So there you go there will be a kalidescope of music during the 50th it will be the best time of the year!. The official Album is just going to rock if they include all the new music! I just cant wait!.