Regarding the contest

I am totally amazed that there have been like 80 entries so far in the contest. I never thought we would see 50 when it was announced.

I think word must have got out to fans everywhere about the contest and they all ran here to enter. Usually it seems like only about 10 people post on the board regulary but hopefully many of the people who entered will start hanging out here more often
I just found out about this site a couple of weeks ago. I really like it. I also think it's great that such a remarkable contest is being conducted.


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I've been a lurker here for some time. It's a great read but never really had anything to add to the conversation. Perhaps now I will post every once in a while.
I too confess to rank newbiedom. It's cliche, but "I never knew there was a site for people like me..."

Besides, my wife already officially asked me this afternoon if my "geeking" over the quality of The Incredibles soundtrack is just a phase or a long-term thing. I guess my number's up with her...



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So, the contest is now closed, and we impatiently await the results.

I waited until after I posted my entry before reading any of the others. I found them interesting.

Some were very well written. Some had special meanings. Most were in the middle somewhere (such as mine).

I found it interesting that most revolved around the fact that going to the Disney Parks was a magical experience. Whether through bulid-up from the Anthology series (Disneyland, World of Color, etc.), or just going, we all had magical experiences. This says a lot about the designers/Imagineers, builders, CM's, and original design of these parks. The fact that it still is something special even after some (in my opinion) mis-guided corporate direction points this out even more.

I am proud that I got to experience that magic many times. I am, also, glad that I am not the only one that found this magic.

So, impatiently, we wait. But, we can be happy that we had a way to express our feelings. Thank you for the contest, and thank you for the rules that allows almost any of us to possibly win.

BTW, as I am sure most entries are honest responses, I did grow-up in Fullerton, CA. I did visit Disneyland while out in CA for both my mother's and grandmother's funerals. And I always found my visits to the parks to be special (even though I have now read about the backgrounds and understand how many things work).

(Can I order my boxed set, yet?) ;)


DITTO! OK, I know I'm not the only person sitting here pressing the "refresh" button over and over waiting for the results. :)

Dr. Know

Rats! I was at Walt Disney World for the past week and missed the contest -- and I can't even read the entries! :'(


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I second your 'rats,' Dr. Know. Technical issues prevented me from putting my story into the ring, but I have really enjoyed reading all of the entries.

Perhaps there is a way that we could continue this idea a little further... continue gathering the stories of how Disney music has touched our lives. I'd love to see more stories and have a chance to write my own, even if it's not for the contest.

Thoughts? :)


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Dr. Know and mmouse, sorry you didn't have a chance to enter. Hopefully we'll be able to do another contest soon! In the meantime, based on the interest received, I've opened up a board under "The Happiest Music on Earth" category for readers to continue posting their stories about the impact that Disney theme park music has had on their life.



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To DisneyFanatic001 and tentino,

I am sorry that, since the contest ended, not many people are posting their stories. There are some very good ones out there. ( was a good site for them. I know, because I had submitted a story there some time ago.)

I suspect that of the new posters, about half came to MAGICMUSIC.NET for the contest, and about half are like me and are lurkers.

I was first attracted to this site because of the valuable music information in the original site. Now, I regularly check the boards because of the wealth of Disney music information that is shared. I may not have much to add to the discussions, but I can appreciate the knowledge. (Thank you, all, who know and who share.)

So, as I wait for my (ordered) Disneyland Boxed Set to arrive and join my growing Disney recordings collection, I continue to read these boards and enjoy your postings. Please continue to share for us who just want to watch and learn (OK, lurk).

(Who knows, maybe I may occasionally actually post something.)

Again, thank you all.

P.S. Randy Thornton probably posts on this board because he knows his audience, and, apparently, enjoys sharing his love of Disney Music with people who understand. His excitement of this new set is probably a key reason I bought the set. Otherwise, I would have serious doubts about spending so much money on a boxed set. Thank you all recent posters for letting me know it will be worth it. (OK, DHL, where is my set? :) )