Red Hot Chili Peppers To Soundtrack Disneyland Rides

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been drafted in to help change the fortunes of California?s Disneyland Resort.

The resort has bought the rights to use two Red Hot Chili Peppers songs to soundtrack two of their most famous rides.

Space Mountain has been renamed ?Rockin? Space Mountain? and will feature the sounds of the Chili Peppers? cover of Stevie Wonder?s ?Higher Ground.?

Meanwhile, revellers who take a ride on ?Rockin California Screaming? will hear the Chili?s 1999 smash ?Around The World? throughout their four minute journey.

Both tracks have been tweaked so that they are synchronised with the actions of the rides.
Article found at courtesy of CBS2-KCAL TV. Looks like the Red Hot Chili Peppers' tracks are just for a limited time (January 3 - April 26); additional information at the end of the article.


Riders of the Disneyland Resort's Space Mountain and California Screamin' roller coaster rides will be thrilled by the songs of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, park officials announced Thursday. Specially remixed soundtracks from the group, recently nominated for six Grammy awards, will accompany new special effects to heighten each zig, zag and drop from Jan. 3 through April 26, officials said.

Rockin' Space Mountain will feature 200 lights and the sounds of "Higher Ground" -- the group's 1989 hit version of the Stevie Wonder song -- as well as new technology illuminating dancing rock fans.

Riders of Rockin' California Screamin' at Disney's California Adventure will also twist and turn to a new soundtrack.

A customized version of Red Hot Chili Peppers' 1999 hit "Around the World" will follow guests through 6,000 feet of track.

The four-minute ride is the world's longest steel looping roller coaster and takes guests from zero to 55 miles per hour in just four seconds.

The new soundtracks were created by Ryan Hewitt, who remixes the Red Hot Chili Peppers' own music.

The ride updates are part of the "Year of a Million Dreams" celebration that began at Disneyland Resort in Southern California and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida on Oct. 1.

Under the 15-month Disney Dreams Giveaway, guests are awarded prizes at random, including Dream Fastpasses to bypass lines at popular Disney attractions to around-the-world vacations or a stay in the special Mickey Mouse Penthouse at the Disneyland Hotel.

Also on tap are immersive entertainment experiences at the resort.

They include guests learning royal ways at the Disney Princess Fantasy Faire, dueling with Darth Vader at Jedi Training Academy and creating mayhem with Pirates in New Orleans Square.

At Disney's California Adventure Park, guests can join in a High School Musical Pep Rally.

The "Year of a Million Dreams" celebration lasts through 2007, officials said.

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I heard a CM telling a guest he couldn't believe that they didn't use "Californication" for California Screamin. I'm fairly certain Walt said something about making sure the word "fornication" wasn't ever used in one of his parks.