Recording Park Audio And Video - Guest noise ruined it again!


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I have read over the years about guest noise ruining nearly perfectly great recording attempts in both audio and video and I have had to have a laugh over it as the same has happened to me. I have had to laugh at some of your comments. It's a thankless job, holding up a microphone, drawing stares, hearing comments of "Geek alert!"

One time, I decided to film Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams. I had to wait for a great spot. People began to crowd in as the parade approached, and as the Lion King began to roll by, some guy starts yelling, "Alejandro! Look! The Lion King!" repeatedly. He was more excited about the Lion King than Alejandro was. Alejandro was too busy looking at the last unit. He continued to ignore his father and the father's voice rose up and was nearly hysterical as the Lion King unit approached us. I think Dad was more excited about the Lion King than Alejandro was. I bet Alejando didn't take out the trash when he was told either. As the chant hit the ten times in a row mark and hope of a good recording faded away, I tried to move closer to dad to capture even more hysterics. Playing the video back for family, we laughed ourselves sick.