Recorded Spiels!


Hi folks;

I'm still working on my early Magic Kingdom audio projects and was wondering if anyone knows if the original (or Original-ish) Wagner tracks from the Florida WEDWAY Peoplemover have survived? The Disneyland tracks aren't too hard to come by, but what I really need is the Florida one.

Also: Riverboat narration. The earliest version of the narration for the FL version I can find is from the early 90s. Anybody know if earlier tracks are still floating around out there? Thanks!


I heard some recordings a couple of years back that were recorded by Jack Wagner, all of his early stuff, that was available on 4 or 5 CDs. I was going to order them online, but didn't have the money. I don't remember which Disney site I was on, but I remember that it was an official site. Good luck in your search.