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I posted a request for the Wishes soundtrack and got this response:

Dear Rick,

Thank You for taking a moment to share your thoughts with us. When we
receive comments such as yours, they are shared with various members of
our organization. The input we receive from our guests lets us know
what we are doing right and what we can do better. We have no
information at this time as to whether this particular music will appear
on any future recordings. We appreciate your observations and will share
them at the appropriate levels.

Thank You,
Walt Disney World
Merchandise Guest Services

Here's holding out hope that we see it in 2004. Happy New Year!

Jessica L

I saw this show last Thursday and was disappointed in it. I don't know if it was just that night's showing, but the fireworks were very low and hard to see. We took several CMs' advice and stood on the bridge as you would go to Cosmic Ray's and the Teacups. The fireworks never rose above the trees (except for the ones that go over the castle). I don't know how those watching from Frontierland, Main St. Train Station, or the Seven Seas lagoon could have any chance of seeing it.

But although I couldn't hear the music that well, I absolutely adored the soundtrack, especially the exit music. I have part of it in my head now (the "Star light, star bright" part) and would love to have the whole thing on CD. Is it the same woman who sings "Promise" and "We Go On"? Sorry, I have temporarily forgotten her name - but it sounded just like her, but again, I couldn't hear so well.

I hope that show was just a bad night for the fireworks crew because I would love to see the fireworks clearly - it looked great through the trees. ;)



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I've seen Wishes 3 or 4 times place to watch it is from Main St., IMHO...if you can ignore the thousands and thousands of peple who have the same idea as you .


Jessica L

I'll have to try that next time - it just seemed like they weren't rising above those trees that run from the castle which surprised me. But I will definitely try Main Street when we go back (hopefully very soon :) ).


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I think part of the "problem" might be that a good portion of the Wishes fireworks are shot from the roofs of Fantasyland buildings, instead of a remote place behind the MK...and if you think of it, whereas the "far away" fireworks have to be high up to be seen (like MOST fireworks), the "close up" ones need to be low enough so the guests are looking straight at them, not "up" at them.

I might be totally off on this, though .