Re: "Westward Ho, the Wagons!" soundtrack


I recently purchased the "Westward Ho, the Wagons!" soundtrack album from iTunes. It sounds great. However I did notice an error in the track listings. Side One of the album, Tracks 1 to 7, contain excerpts from the film soundtrack itself, conducted by George Bruns, while Camarata conducted the selections from Side Two, which were "popular" versions of the songs from the film.

But the track listings on iTunes credit the Camarata orchestra on tracks 4 and 6 from Side One, "Peace Pipe" and "Death's Door", which are instrumental pieces taken from the film soundtrack. These were actually composed and conducted by George Bruns, not Camarata. I quote from the original vinyl album's (WDL-4008/WDL-3041) liner notes: "Side One: Music From The Original Motion Picture Sound Track Composed and Conducted by GEORGE BRUNS Side Two: Popular Selections From The Score of The Motion Picture Conducted by CAMARATA"

One other strange thing regarding "Westward Ho, the Wagons!" On my VHS copy of the movie from 1997 the scene containing the song "Wringle Wrangle" is edited out! What's that about? It was the most popular song from the movie back in early 1957. It even made it to number 12 on the Billboard charts. Some kind of a copyright issue? Stan Jones wrote the song, so maybe Disney didn't want to pay royalties to his survivors or something? Or perhaps the ever PC Disney company of the '90's had a problem with lyrics such as " a dollar's worth of beans and a new pair of jeans, got a woman to cook and wash...and things." That would just be sad. Very perplexing.