Re:Loads of new Disney music! Finally.....

Dr. Know

I'm not an unhappy person, but it would have been nice if the header indicated this was about an ebay auction. When I read "Loads of new Disney music! Finally..." I momentarily thought that some terrific new OA was coming out with all of the magical unreleased treasures that I have been wanting so badly. And with a click of the mouse, the fantasy vanished, and yes, you made me a little unhappy.

But I'll get over it.


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You don't even have to assume, Bill. if you click on the page, amazingly enough, the author/seller requests that payment go to

WHAT a surprise. Not.



Hey Louis, if you wanted to deceive us into thinking that you aren't atomobile, you should have at least come up with a different email addy besides for him. It kind of blew your cover. ;) (and also the fact that your name and address are on the about me page didn't help much either)


I didn't mean to deceive anyone. When I posted info on my eBay auctions last, many of you e-mailed me to ask when I would post new music. It took me a while, so I was happy to say that I finally had loads of new music. I usually use my Atomobile user to post eBay info, and Louis Gonzalez to post inside info. Knowing that my name is in my eBay info and that I usually sign my Atomobile posts with Louis, I figured that was a no-brainer (even though to some it might be a challenge to understand). It seems that some people are so fast to judge and critizise.
Give peace a chance,


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See, and I got all excited thinking that new stuff was coming to the Wonderland Music Store system. That's what I get...

I am reminded of one thing though. Do any of you watch "The Apprentice"? With posts like these, I'm kind of reminded of Sam Solovey from that show....