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there is the commercial for disneyworld 100 years celebration. the song is great i am looking for someone to know the name of it


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Different parts of the country have different Disney commercials. For example, when I lived in NY, the WDW commercials were based on "Disney Vacations." Now that I live in FL, the Tampa-area commercials focus more on day trips and the discounts you can get as a FL Resident. Totaly different commercials with different background music.

On the west coast, of course, they don't even mention's all that "other" Disney park .

Where do you live, so the people in your specific area know to look for "your" commercial?



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The official song of the 100 Years of Magic Celebration is called "Share a Dream Come True" and appears in several versions on commercials and in the theme parks. You can find a pop version of it on a recent Official WDW CD or the "Magic in the Streets" parade CD. Also, if you call 407-WDISNEY and request a video, some form of the music will be on it too.
Hope this helps!


We get some WDW commercials out here on the frontier west of the Great Divide, Sharon...;)

...but only occasionally. They sometimes play them during
national sports telecasts and othertimes they pop up on late-night network telecasts. Of course, the old "You and the X have just won the x. What are you gonna do next? I'm going to DL/WDW!" commercials were perfect for that. I miss those, cheesy as they were. Actually, since the debut of the Disney Cruise Line, they hardly ever show WDW commercials anymore here. I haven't watched one in years, but I bet they show 'em on the ABC Disney Sunday Movie.


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Wow, they HAVE televisions on that side of the country? . They never, ever advertise DL here (or when I was in NY), but WDW is bigger and a vacation destination unto itself, that it makes sense to advertise country-wide.

When we went to Europe in '96, was interesting that the London TDS's had HUGE displays for DLP. And that was in a whole other COUNTRY .