re: Aladdin Musical CD


Yup! Actually have the case sitting right here. The main cast on the CD is:

Narrator: Jamila Ajibade
Jafar: Lance Roberts
Aladdin: Miles Wesley
Jasmine: Deedee Magano
Genie: Nick Santa Maria



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The reason I was asking... My brother watched the Mickey Mouse Club in the early 90's, and one of the members was DeeDee Magno.. She and 4 other members formed a group called "The Party" and DeeDee was one of our favorites in the group (I have all 4 of their CDs).. I knew she was one of the two (or few) that play Jasmine in the Aladdin show, and wanted to know if she performed on the CD.. Now that I know she does, I definately want to purchase this CD.. Thanks for the info.