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I have been looking since 1975 for a copy of the music throughout space mountain when it was sponsored by RCA. All I can find is a short mono clip at a page "Space Mountain, the RCA years". Can anyone help?
there was one song composed for space mountain, I think by the sherman brothers. I dont recall ever hearing it out at disneyland.
At disneyland, the sound playing was mainly themes from epcot in a promenade style loop. VERY 70ish fun.

As a smallt rivia, the com chatter for the Dismneyland space mountain was lifted from a movie called Marooned. I p[icked up the movie, and its lifted fromt he second launch. They sound much more lively in the movie, though.
For the past week I was convinced 'Miracles from Molecules' and 'Here's to the Future: RCA Space Mountain Theme' were written in the same key and in a similar style. Well, now that I'm back in front of a piano, it appears they're neither in the same key nor were they written by the same composer. The Sherman Brothers are responsible for 'Miracles' and Buddy Baker, according to the Norman Baker collection at the Fales Library and Special Collections section of the Elmer Holmes Bobst Library at NYU Buddy and X Atencio brought us the music and lyrics for the RCA Space Mountain theme at WDW.

(link http://dlib.nyu.edu/eadapp/transform?sourc...fales_bb_25.xsl) This is a great resource for Buddy Baker fans.

That said, does anyone know if a clean copy of the 8'05" theme exists? Mine appears to be a rather poor transfer from vinyl.
Buddy Baker did the rest of the wild score to Adventure Through Inner Space.

Was kind of neat, playing sci fi soundtracks using orchestral. Loved it.

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According to my sources, Buddy Baker did the music for "Here's to the Future" and X Atencio did the lyrics.