Randy Was On HSN Disney Art Classics Show


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Don't know how many of you saw it, but Disney is starting a collectibles show on HSN (Home Shopping Network). The show debuted this week and they had a new pin series exclusive to HSN.

On Wednesday night on their 8:00 PM ET show Randy was on at the end to promote the Classic Disney 1-5 CD Collection sets that are exclusive to HSN. (Remember the old colored cover discs with mouse ears before the "Greatest Hits" Purple and Green discs?)

He was on for about the last 10 minutes.

Great job on the show Randy! :)

I was going to call in to see if I could have a chance to chat with you but the show ended before I could get through.

Ron Muth

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I saw him too. I was channel surfing when I saw the Disney cd's and Randy. Didn't know what Randy looked like, but it only took a minute or so for me to figure it out. I already had all the music, but it was fun to see Randy.


Golly, I woulld have figured that this would have been something that the DISNEY CHANNEL would have taken on, well before the infamous ZOOG took over. Jesus Christ, seeing DISNEY merchandise on something other than TDC or ABCFamily, do these people (in marketing) have no idea?!?!?!? (Yet again)No wonder the company is bleeding profits! (As Michael Eisner would say) SYNERGY!


Or maybe Disney realizes that a collectibles show has a much more obvious natural audience on the Home Shopping Network...gee, what a thought...