Randy Thornton at the NFFC Conventiion

For those who may be interested, I?ve been asked to speak at this years NFFC (National Fantasy Fan Club) Convention in Garden Grove, CA at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the Cabo San Lucas Ballroom A.

My presentation is on Saturday July 24th at 9:15am and goes to 10:30am. I?ll be talking briefly about The Wonderland Music Store project before I get into the main portion of my time at the podium ? the Mary Poppins 40th Anniversary Soundtrack. I will be playing excerpts of the Bonus Materials as well as selected moments from the original orchestra recording sessions that you will hear no where else. Then after a little announcement about Walt Disney Records? 50th Anniversary and the upcoming EMP Museum exhibit in Seattle, I?m going to give everyone a little sample of what?s in store for Disneyland?s 50th from Walt Disney Records.

I always enjoy speaking to the NFFC above and beyond any other fan convention. These folks are not only interested in, what I refer to as ?Plates and Plush?, but they have a deep appreciation for Disney history. Last time I spoke, I brought excerpts from the 17 hour Walt Disney interview that I restored for the Disney Family. The crowd was dead silent, and listened to every word. Then I was truly touched when one gentlemen came up to me, rather teary-eyed, and said ?I?ve been a member of the NFFC for years, and you are the first person to bring us Walt himself!? Though I doubt I could ever top that, I do have some really incredible stuff to share with you folks!

If you?re already an NFFC member, or happen to be in the area, please stop by and introduce yourself! I?d love to meet ya!

Randy Thornton
WOW, sounds like a fantastic event--I wonder if the Walt interview is something that, at least in part, might ever be made available to the public?

I can only second Bill's request for further posting with regards to the convention--thank you for your time and efforts!



That sounds so exciting. They will be a very lucky audience! How I would love to hear those original orchestra recording sessions. That would be heaven.


Let me second Bill's wish too ... in the name of all the Disney fans in general but especially the Disney music fans ... outside the US ... it is a bit difficult to actually fly over from Europe for such an event - even so I really would love to.

Well, maybe you are visiting good old Europe sometime?? If you would happen to come by Disneyland Resort Paris at that occassion ... maybe you could give a little presentation for us European fans?? As team of the fan based website DLP.info we have organized some quite successful fan events in the past and sure would be happy to help you set up some event that would allow you to speak to fans...

Another question popped into my head--I haven't heard any mention of this, but with the upcoming 50th anniversary of Walt Disney Records, is any retrospective collection in the works??? Randy???

Between Wonderland Music, the Disneyland set, and the Mary Poppins score, I don't mean to sound greedy....

Hiya Michael,

Thanks for remembering WDR's birthday!

There has been talk of trying to do something. But it's very hard to figure out what that set could be. To be true to our history, there are so many varied products, that it's hard to quantify ? how do you create a set that represents Read Alongs, Storytellers, Song Albums, Soundtracks, Annette, Disneyland... it's just endless. Not to mention the audience is very selective on what they would listen to. You may be interested in soundtracks, but would you care for Read Alongs? And I don't really want to do another compilation album and "re-purpose" (a neat marketing term for 'put out the same ol' cr.. stuff) recordings that have been on everything else. It's a tough nut to crack.

However, we are doing something different. We are now working with the Experience Music Project (EMP) Museum in Seattle to create a retrospective exhibit on Walt Disney Records. Starting with Walt's first use of sound in "Steamboat Willie", through Fantasound (the first use of multi speaker sound ? the forerunner of Surround) for "Fantasia", to the necessity of creating a Disney record label (which just so happens to be Roy O. Disney's idea) in 1956. I've created an advisory committee amongst the folks that have a passion and expert knowledge of our history and it really should be an interesting and interactive exhibit. There will also be several Wonderland Music Stores on site, so every album or recording that is featured in the exhibit will be available for purchase.

I also want to point out that my good friends Greg Ehrbar and Tim Hollis are writing a book on the history of Disneyland / Walt Disney Records. Both these gentlemen are part of my committee and we are working on getting a pre-release edition of their book that will be available at the event.

So were are doing something ? and something rather cool, but whether we create an actual product remains to be seen. The exhibit is scheduled to open in April 2005. As the time approaches, I'll keep ya'll posted.

Randy Thornton


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Sounds like an awesome exhibit! Wish I could make it to Seattle. As for a WDR retrospective set...I would say that the Wonderland Music Store is probably as close to that as we can get. It seems like a perfect way to get the diverse history out there for people to buy.

On the topic of the Wonderland kiosks. Any word on those making their way into the World of Disney Stores? It would be nice to get some in the upcoming NY 5th Ave. store (for selfish reasons, of course).


Randy - that's great news about the EMP exhibit! I grew up in Seattle, but have nenver actually been in the building... I was just one of many locals who sit around and whine about how ugly the building is. ;) However, it looks like I'll definitely have to take a trip back home to "visit my parents" next summer... ;D

Thank you for elaborating, Randy. I suppose having the Wonderland Music project itself up and running is enough of a celebratory gesture towards WDR's birthday, let alone trying to come up with a set that would be guaranteed to not please everyone.

If I'm reading your note correctly, it sounds like you're implying that there might be Wonderland Music unique to the exhibit kiosks; it would be nice, if that's the case, to have THAT music eventually made available to non-attendees--that might work as an anniversary present!