Randy Thornton and WDR

Hello friends!
I just read all the Jungle Book 2 comments. A word of warning: Just because Randy's name is on the package doesn't mean he was involved in the selection of the material. Only when he is listed as Executive Producer or Digital Restoration Producer can you expect a perfect release. Randy has to work on MANY projects he doesn't not have a choice on. That's why we sometimes see his name in "lesser" quality material. The folks over at WDR don't seem to care too much for re-issues or Disney history which is too bad. It seems that Randy is the only person there who cares. It seems that we are going through a dry period as far as re-issues and Randy produced park albums. We can only hope that WDR wakes up from their slumber and allow Randy to restore some real quality material. Until then, we will be bombarded by Kathy-Lee-Gifford-does-Winnie-the-pooh type of CDs; or worse, Riverdance does Pooh! Obviously all these releases are aimed towards children (i.e. Jungle Book 2) so I won't put them down anymore. I just hope we get re-issues again soon. And MUCH thanks to Randy. Here's hopping for a turnaround and an inevitable triumphant return! :D

PS: Be careful next time you buy a Disney CD. If it is anything exciting, I'm sure you'll read about it hear first. Wait until you have all the information you need. If you don't see it posted, post a question here :)
Hi Louis!

Glad I checked to see what you wrote in here! It is understood about Randy's name on the packaging...and I certainly agree that WDR needs to "wake from its slumber". Not sure I 100% agree that JB2 is a release aimed at children...unless you would want to make the point that all feature-length animation is aimed solely at children--a point I dod not agree with.

We need more park releases--plain & simple!