Randy: The possibility of a return of DL stuff on Wonderland Music

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As I've recently come to learn, what Walt Disney Records releases on the Various Official Albums has much less to do with popularity, than it has to do with Legal ability. In other words, Small World has long been available for public release, so it makes it on every album, whereas other stuff, while just as requested never sees the light of day because it's contract never covered public release. Anyway....

With the upcoming release of the mega Disneyland CD collection for the 50th, We are hopefully going to see a lot of previously unreleased material, though mostly as Full ride throughs, as individual instrumental tracks would take up far too much space to be practical and be less desireable to the typical customer. But am I correct in assuming that if we get the full Mr. Lincoln Journey to Gettysburg Show (not sure if we are) in the 50th Set, that it would then be possible to release the individual instrumental cues in some other form, say as part of the Wonderland Music Store? I remember way back when Wonderland first debuted Randy referred to something that would be added called "the Sounds of DIsneyland". In retrospect I'm not sure if he was talking about the 50th CD set or something else entirely. Anyone have any info on this?


I don't have any information about what you asked, but I do know how you feel about instrumental only tracks. Flow throughs are great, but sometimes they don't do the full music justice. Sometimes you just want to listen to the backround music by itself.

Take Splash Mountain for instance. The flow through on the official album a couple years ago sounds really great, but personally I think the exit music by itself at the end is a perfect way to end the track. Someone did leak all of the full audio loops of the attraction and its at least 30 minutes.