Randy - News on the WDW CD?



I am rather new to this forum (I joined because I am so eager to receive the new DL 6-CD set). Anyway, I want to thank you for the great work that you have done on this set and all the official DL CD's that are coming out this year.

I also have a question about the WDW CD(s) you are working on. can you provide us some details on those CDs? Track lists, number of CD's, release dates?

Thanks again for all you do for the fans!


PS - When I realized you produced the FANTASTIC WDC 75th Anniversary 3-CD set it was no wonder that set is a prized piece of my Disney Collection.


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Jmuboy, welcome!

I recognize you from Laughingplace too.

As for the WDW OA, Randy made a short comment on it in the DL 2 disc OA thread. I'll post it here for you.

"With the box set taking nearly 5 months just in studio time alone, coupled with the fact that Walt Disney World moved up it's request for the official album, I could not do all that I wanted for the WDW CDs. So I decided to make the WDW album a little retro as well - with both discs coming in at over 79 minutes each. I know that many of you already have some of this material, but the casual Disneyworlder doesn't -- and it makes for some great nostalgic listening to hear the themes from Horizons followed by Mission Space's "Destiny". In the next day or so, I'll post the playlist.

Randy Thornton"

So, we'll find out shortly what's on the new WDW Official Album.

Ben C.


Horizons on a newer album? That's good news, I just hope its something that we don't have CD quality of. Now time to wonder what other great CD quality versions of old music we will get. :)


EPCOT has/had some of the best theme park songs.....Golden Dreams and "The Universe of Energy" are my favs!


Those are two of my favorites as well. But, I have to say that Horizons and Listen to the Land top those for me. Although, UoE is real close.

All of those have that early Epcot feel to them that is just magical. Now that the original synergy Epcot had has been altered, it's good being able to reminisce with those songs.