Randy, is that really you in "A Shocker On Shock Street"???

"A Shocker On Shock Street"(just in case some of you didn't know.....hee-hee.....) is one of the many Goosebumps books author R. L. Stine has penned. In the late 90's, Walt Disney Records produced several Goosebumps audiobooks featuring a full cast; Corey Burton was one of the many voice talents used in the productions. They were all quite well done, and my son was always looking for more to come out, but that dream never materialized.

Anyway, we were about to listen to "A Shocker On Shock Street" in the car for the umpteenth time a few days ago, when my son piped in from the back seat, "Hey, Randy Thornton is in this one!", as he was carefully studying the small print in the liner notes; at fifteen now, he's well aware of Randy's work at Walt Disney Records. The insert in the cassette reads, besides the primary players: "And featuring the voice talents of Chuck Howerton, Andre Mika, Jeff Sheridan, Randy Thornton, and the staff of Walt Disney Records." While listening to the tape, we kept guessing who Randy might be playing.

Soooooo......for the record.......is the Randy Thornton on the cassette the "real" Randy Thornton? Randy? Who did you play--my son's got to know!