Randy, any chance of Small World ride through track like your Splash Mountain?

rob kilbride

New Member
Hi Randy, I haven't asked you any questions for a while so I hope your still around! Anyway, I got my IASW cd from Japan today and was of course delighted with it. The one thing that disappointed me just a little bit was that while the Hawaiian Hula part is completely separated from the New Guinea Drums part because they are audible together in the ride and I actually always thought they were part of the same recording until now. The Tahitian drums may also have been audible but I clearly remember the Hula and New Guinea parts being audible together. Also, I don't remember being able to hear the main IASW theme in the Oceania portion of the ride but you can hear it in the background on the cd. Because its such a short disc its a shame that they didn't include a ride through version simulating which sounds are audible at the same time as you pass through the ride. Randy, I'd love it if you did a ride through version perhaps for the next WDW Official Album. Take Care.