Randy: Any Chance of People and Places Coming to Blu-ray?


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Hi, Randy! I hope you remember me because its been quite a while since I posted here and it was under my old account. We discussed the accordian theme in the Impressions de France soundtrack which turned out to be a Buddy Baker composition.
Since you're the only Disney insider I know, I hoped you might have an idea if there was any possibility of the People and Places series being issued on Blu-ray. It seems it would be a natural for Blu-ray since all or most of them were shot in Cinemascope. I hope Disney starts doing more vault releases on Blu-ray since they only seem to be doing animated features and newer live action films at this point. I recently shelled out for the True-Life Adventures which I foolishly missed at the time of release, not knowing how accalimed and excellent they were. I also hope for these to make it to Blu-ray, but since they were filmed in 16mm, it seems less likely they will.
Looking at Walt's enormous list of Oscar Nominations and wins, it is clear that Walt is the greatest producer of short films ever and to have a whole acclaimed series sit forever in the vaults would be a tragedy. And judging by the quality of the one Cinemescope Disney short film to make it to Blu-ray, Grand Canyon, it would be well worth it to see these in Hi-Def.


Not sure if you're still here, Robert, but I'm with you...I'd love to see these released. There are two episodes on YouTube in addition to the one released on the Disneyland set and it just makes me curious to see the rest. I kind of wish Leonard Maltin had pushed this forward when he had the chance.