Questions regarding a few Disney LPs

Can anyone please advise whether or not these LPs are worth obtaining and what material is on them? The asking price for the lot is pretty cheap ($38, not on eBay) but I'd like to ask for your opinions. I'm quite fond of the Epcot Center OA but the rest I'm not familiar with; they include both issue date and LP condition.


WALT DISNEY/ The Official Album of Epcot Center/ Disneyland '83/ NM/VG++

WALT DISNEY/ It's a Small World/ Disneyland '64/ MONO, with book, VG++/VG++

WALT DISNEY/A Child's Introduction to Melody/Disneyland '63/MONO,lt
jtkwear,sm split, VG+/VG

WALT DISNEY/ 50 Happy Years of Disney Favorites/ Disneyland '73/ 2LP gtfld
w/book, NM/NM


Small World = Ride soundtrack with Winston Hibbler describing each scene. Wonderful (but short) album. Extremely common, although first pressings have a white cover that's rather scarce. Available on a Wonderland Music CD.

Melody = Based on the "Melody" and "Toot Whistle Plunk and Boom" shorts. They basically redid the soundtracks of the original films in hi-fi. An unusually large production for a Disneyland album, featuring full orchestra and cast, with Thurl Ravenscroft as narrator. Your condition description indicates this one has seen some wear and tear, but should still be playable. Also quite common.

50 Happy Years = Someone else is going to have to chime in about this one (it's STER-3513). I assume it's your typical Disney music greatest hits compilation, most likely sold or given away as a commercial tie-in with another company.
50 Happy Years was not a promotional tie-in, but available in stores. Two disc set of greatest hits, both soundtrack and Camarata cuts, similar to the mix of Happiest and Merriest Songs compilations.


As mentioned, the Small World LP is commonly found on eBay and at significantly less than what you are to pay this person per LP.

The '83 Epcot OA is found every so often, but is wonderful with all of that old Epcot music.

I'm not sure about the other two though.